Company Branding Online

Importance of Company Branding Online

Your company brand provides the imagery that the public associates with your brand. Whether you do it correctly or do it very badly, your branding will become the primary visual identity people recall after visiting your website. This makes it critical to focus in on this aspect of your marketing. You need to create logos, text, and pictures that evoke the ideas you want to bring to mind when consumers are making purchasing decisions. DBR Visuals helps you do this in ways that stand out from your competitors.


The Power of Your Visual Identity

When you think of the most iconic American brands, the words they use in advertising campaigns are secondary to the images that come to mind. The script and colors in Coca-Cola or the big yellow M in McDonald’s emerges more powerfully than even their most famous taglines. “A picture is worth a thousand words” may be a cliché, but in the marketing world, it remains true.

When you market your company online, this becomes even more critical. People tend to view websites quickly; a majority of viewers will glance quickly at a page before deciding whether to read. This provides you a very small window of opportunity to grab hold and persuade. SEO content may lead them to you, but your ideas will not have a chance to sink in without visuals that catch their interest.

Besides pulling in attention, though, your brand imagery needs staying power. Flashy pictures or text does not necessarily stick, especially if it doesn’t connect to who you are. Your color choices, your fonts, and your logo need to connect to the rest of how you present yourself: to your industry, to your unique position in your market, and to the customers you hope to gain. The power of your visual identity comes through creating a connection that runs through your brand to everything you do and are.


Stand Out In the Right Ways

albuquerque business stand out pictureThis power comes through a careful focus and attention to every detail of your branding. Every color brings out different ideas and emotions. Depending on your market and your individual reason for being, the right color combination can be very different from business to business. You may want brighter or darker colors to strike a particular tone or mood within viewers of your website.

Similarly, your ideal font size and style will vary widely depending on the kind of business you operate and the identity you wish to create. Stark or stylish, bold or understated, the appearance of words on the screen also function as part of your branding. Your choices here will help you stand out from other players in your market. Choose wisely, and your font will reinforce your imagery. This compounds the power of your brand.

DBR Visuals brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your company branding needs. We will help you identify the brand experience you want to create, and then build it for you. Contact us today to learn more. (505) 217-9152

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