Website Management

Website Management and Development

Once your website is published and live on the World Wide Web, DBR Visuals can manage your site with content updates or changes. In today's web environment it is critically important to update your website with content and keep items current.


Dynamic Websites

At DBR Visuals we make use of dynamic web pages to make up your site. Many of these pages have components that are constantly changing and updating with information. This is a fantastic way to keep your website fresh and attractive to visitors. Building a website then letting is sit for 4 or 5 years with no changes is absolutely NOT our style. Keeping your website up to date and able to grab the visitors attention and hold it is our philosophy.


Website Management

website management and maintenance pictureAs we previously mentioned, we don't like to let websites sit and die, we like to infuse them with new content and updates. Another, just as important here is task is to keep the software and code up to date. There are constantly changing software and computer capabilities. Your website should be able to take advantages of these evolving factors. DBR Visuals makes critical updates and upgrades to your website on a periodic basis (usually once a week). We also keep your website protected against hackers by completing these updates.

If your site has items that require scheduled updates and content changes, please let us quote you a price to perform these tasks. You will find our price to be very affordable!

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