Local SEO

Local SEO

Search engine optimization works by helping users fight through millions of websites to find the companies they really need. A small or local business can compete with the biggest companies in the world for online traffic, and often do so to great effect. But if you operate in a specific market, you have a particular area you need to reach for fully effective marketing. This is where local SEO comes in. We build this tool into your online presence to help you generate traffic from the people around you and get page views from people you can convert into regular customers.


The Importance of Mobile Search

Local SEO begins by targeting people who look for companies in particular areas. We help you embed your name, address, and phone number throughout your site to show people how to find you. We also work with you to create content that grounds you in a particular area and connects you to key places and people there.

mobile seo pictureIn addition, we work to optimize your content and your website for mobile searching. These searches now have a larger share of overall search activity than computer searches, and the disparity will only rise in the years to come. To take advantage, we use design techniques to make your website look and feel better for mobile users.

Through outstanding design and a local SEO program mobile searchers can often be lead directly to your business. We provide location information and breadcrumbs that lead searchers first to your website, and then to your location. The result? Traffic capable of creating almost instant conversions and revenue increases.


Blending Form and Function

We also understand that the form your website takes is blended inextricably with the needs of local SEO. From a mobile search standpoint, we develop responsive web designs that flex and contract with the size of the screen someone uses. If you have ever tried to view a full website on a mobile device, you understand the frustration of trying to read and navigate. We want mobile users to like what they see, because that experience gives them a greater desire to work with you.

Beyond functionality, we use local images and video content to help ground your site in the locations you serve. This includes pictures that show in both the images themselves and the meta data embedded in the files that you are part of a community, and serve people in your location. For both the search engines directing traffic and the users looking at your website, this connects you to the place in which you operate.


At DBR Visuals, we understand that while your company is ready to reach out and grow elsewhere, you function as part of a community. We use local SEO to help strengthen the bonds between you and community members, and to lead people directly to where you are. Contact us today to learn how our local SEO service helps you serve the people around you.
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